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Ratings Explained

Over the years of following and betting on horse racing i have built my own ratings which rate every horse in every race for that day .

The ratings are well rounded and take into account multiple factors like

  • Speed

  • Trainer Stats

  • Jockey Stats

  • Stallion Data

  • Previous Runs

​All this data is presented in an easy to read table with a traffic light colour system. Below ill go over some examples of how to use the ratings.

rating pic 1_edited_edited.png

In the example above is the rating for the 5:00 race at Epsom on the 26/4/2017.You can clearly see some of the main ratings in the headers.

  • HORSE - Name of horse running in today's race.

  • SPEED - Based on previous runs in and around today's distance.

  • JOCKEY - Uses the strike rates they have achieved in various scenarios & creates a manageable figure from this.

  • TRAINER - Works in same way as the jockey ratings.

  • TODAY - Rates the horses overall chance under today's race conditions.

  • TOTAL - Is the total of all ratings together plus a few levelers to find the best horse in the race. 

In that example EMENEM won that race at a starting price of 9/1, which was also the best rated horse that race. Yes you could simply just back the top rated horse in every race and show a nice profit but the best way of using them is a mix of highest rated plus following the traffic light system for each separate rating. Green is good and Red bad.

forecast for blog template.JPG

Another way to use the ratings is to look for some each value or use them to try predict the first two or three home for forecasts and tricast purposes.

If you look at the ratings above for the 3:35 at Gowran Park for example, The top rated horse called Somehow won that race but Sea Swift which was only rated 4th overall was also top rated in jockey ratings & 2nd in both trainer/today ratings came 2nd for a nice forecast.

fc today rating.JPG

One last thing i want to touch on is the TODAY rating, Now as i said earlier although i would expect the top rated horse ( TOTAL ) to have the best strike and best profit over the long term its worth noting the today rating is based on today's race conditions so should at least have a little sway in your studies.

The ratings wont win every race but give them a chance, Include them in your studies. Get to know how they work and they can be very profitable.

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